CrashPad - House Rules

When running a CrashPad there are some general ‘House Rules’ that should be established. Keep in mind these are just general suggestions to consider and may apply to each CrashPad differently.


Following these general guidelines will help CrashPad roomies get along. As everyone is flight crew, respecting people's quiet time, belongings and space will go a long way in keeping the peace in a CrashPad. Trust us, we understand living in a divided CrashPad over microwave usage, kitchen cleaning and bathroom considerations, ha!



Cleaning up after yourself

This one might be #1 and definitely goes a long way. Clean up after yourself for goodness sake! Guess what?! If your Raviolis explode the microwave, guess who’s cleaning up, yup that’s right YOU, your mom doesn’t live here.


Items to consider:

  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink

  • Wipe down counters and table tops

  • Do not leave your clothes, shoes, bags or other personal belongs in the living room or shared spaces

  • If the trash is full please take it out (Trash day should be posted somewhere)

  • If you have long hair, please clean the shower drain

  • If you pee on the seat, come on, please just clean it up

  • If you smoke, do not throw cigarette butts on the ground


(Some CrashPads offer periodic cleaning.)



Quiet Hours & Maximum Usage


Most CrashPads have ‘Quiet Time Hours’. Usually 10 PM - 8 AM so folks can get themselves some beauty sleep. Also many CrashPads have maximum days per month that the tenant can stay there. Some CrashPads have a pay structure where the more you stay, the more you pay.


Entry to the Location


CrashPad landlords should post any rules or conditions regarding accessing the CrashPad. Eg, when door codes change, any charges for lost keys, hours of gate operation, etc. etc.


Behave Yourself


It is expected that everyone should be respectful of others and not conduct unlawful or illegal acts while at the CrashPad. Everyone is expected to follow the House Rules. No downloading Porn!


Kitchen - Refrigerators, Cabinets & Food  


As a CrashPad is not a permanent residence, careful consideration must be taken in the kitchen. It is a good idea to label your food and other items whether it be in the refrigerator or the cabinets.


Often refrigerators have allocated space and are also cleaned out periodically. If you put a delicious snackable in there and expect no one is going to touch it over 2 weeks, you need to lower your expectations, be warned! Ha



It is truly very kind of you to use/fill the dishwasher, however everyone is expected to empty the dishwasher from time to time.



Bedding & Linens


Some CrashPads provide bedding, some do not. You should check with the CrashPad landlord.


Storage Space


CrashPad tenants are usually giving a closet space, some drawers in a dresser, locker or some little area where they can store a few small personal items or in the case of ‘Hot Beds’ (see below) a place to store their bedding and/or pillows. Also there is generally a baggage area, where suit cases and carry ons are kept.


Bunk Assignments


Some CrashPads have assigned beds. In this case, usually seniority wins. If a bed becomes open, the person that has been at the CrashPad longest has the right to claim the bed. Previous notice to the landlord is usually required before swapping beds.

Some CrashPads are referred to as ‘Hot Beds’, meaning there are generally more tenants than there are beds, but since everyone is never there at the same time, there are generally beds available. In this set up, a tenant usually has to strip down their bedding and put it in a closet or storage leaving the bed open for the next person. These are usually less desirable and are cheaper to rent.


Washer & Dryer Etiquette

CrashPad landlords should post rules for doing laundry. Sometimes people get side tract or fall asleep and forget their clothes in the washer. Is it ok to take them out and put them to the side? Or in the dryer? These rules should be expressed and posted in the washing machine area. Are there laundry hours?




Each CrashPad will have their own rules regarding smoking.


Transportation & Parking


CrashPad landlords will generally post information in a common area with phone numbers to taxis, shuttle services, train or subway information. And landlords will provide parking information for tenants.


Lost or Stolen Items


Rules should be posted regarding the personal security and or loss of tenant's personal belongings.


Maintenance & Liability


If something requires maintenance please contact your CrashPad landlord. Don’t let it get worse and worse for your fellow CrashPad’ers. If you break something, please have a good conscience and tell your landlord so comfortable living can be maintained.


Rent Payments & Deposit


Prompt payment is always expected and penalties may apply for late payment. Deposits and rules are also CrashPad by CrashPad. What about prorating a move in or move out? Should be discussed. Are there any other expenses?


General No-No’s & Things to Follow


  • Do not give your door code to anyone
  • No overnight guests
  • Be considerate during TV time - volume and sharing
  • Turn off AC/Heat and electronics when leaving
  • Shut up and get off the phone! No one wants to hear the 3 hour conversation w your bestfriend back home or a lover you are fighting with. Please be considerate of others.

What did we forget? Please let us know.


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