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Let CrashPad411 help build your brand! proudly serves over 24,000 active in-flight users and has over 81,000 pages views per month!


We have made 1,000's of CrashPad user connections over the years, you can see history of messages sent here


CrashPad411 Strives to:

•    Treat people fair
•    Maintain moral, friendly and ethical stewardship
•    Provide a simple, quality and valuable service

CrashPad411 Stats:

•    80,000 page views per month
•    23,810 users, with 2,480 listings in US and Canada
•    120,000+ messages sent via website
•    1,000's of Social Media followers
•    Over 6.5+ years of successful service

Just a little more insight into where we are as a website.
We are a couple of months from rolling out and incredible new set of features, including automated rental payment, calendar and tenant management via our new mobile app that's coming; all in 12+ languages. So here are CrashPad411 we are very excited about making a big splash in the very near future!
We have a well established base of over two thousand four hundred CrashPads in 88 cities across the United States and Canada with plans on making a strong international push of exposure with the new website.

We can certainly promote your business or organization for:
•    12 months at $150 per month - included Google Analytics reporting and promo effectiveness stats - paid yearly
•    $300 per month - month to month - Google Analytics additional fee - paid monthly
•    Included analytic reporting on mobile vs PC usage as well

Regarding the ad's graphics:
•    We can change your ad's promotion image 1 X per month
•    We can track ad graphics stats to analyze which ads are more effective - fees may apply if we do the analytics
•    Need to pass our compliance standards - including but not limited to esthetics, content and messaging
•    Keep in mind graphics for Social Media promotion might need to be different sizes, consideration of who will be responsible for that should be discussed

Be assured we will work tirelessly to be a valuable and effective outlet to promote your business or organization to our valued aviation industry users.

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to proceed or if some modified service solution might better suit your needs.